Brut Fragrance


The Essence of Man is what lies at the very core of every man. Brut brand value personifies the aspiration in the relentless pursuit of the identity of man, which is fueled by the essence.

Brut products are customized for men who are passionate in sophistication, energetic in life, confident in attitude and modern in style. The Brut man exemplifies the identity, quality and individuality of a man, with a scent of European luxury.
Brut’s seven unique variants provide the long-lasting and distinctive fragrance that gives men the confidence they need throughout the whole day. The complete range of unique variants includes: Original, Musk, Oceans, Eau De Brut, Identity and Instinct.

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The DISTINCTIVE fragrance of Paris for the masculine man.
Brut Original is available in Eau De Toilette for men (Plexi), Eau De Toilette (Spray), After Shave (Splash-On), Cologne Splash-On, Deodorant Spray, and Roll On.



Embodies an energetic experience that is appropriate
for all occasions. Brut Oceans is the ENERGIZING fragrance of ParisIt is a clean, crisp scent that keeps you cool and refreshed.
Brut Oceans is available in Eau De Toilette (Spray), After Shave and Deodorant Spray.



Dark, woody experience that pulsates to a purely masculine sophistication. Brut Musk is The POWERFUL fragrance of Paris for the confident man.

Brut Musk is available in Eau De Toilette (Spray), After Shave, and Deodorant Spray.



The UNFORGETTABLE fragrance of Paris. The fragrance from BRUT that is a combination of the classic scents with an infusion of refreshing citrus.
Eau De Brut is available in Eau De Toilette (Spray), AfterShave and Deodorant Spray.



The ATHLETIC fragrance of ParisA fresh and intense fragrance with sparkling aromatic tones for the casual yet refined man.
Brut Sport Style is available in Eau De Toilette (Spray), AfterShave and Deodorant Spray.